Hey everyone,

so as new neighborhoods are starting to pop up we've created a new warp for builders to build models for the different neighborhoods, a bit like /warp roads where all the vehicles are, that will make it easier copy/paste and edit unedited homes/builds into the city.

Each lot right is 41 x 57 and the non-specific section has 56 x 67. Bigger plots for Neighborhoods will be added later on to accomodate larger homes. Each lot also has a board where builders can add their names.

Please take not that these plots are only for house models so that means no landscaping, trees or vehicles.

Non specific section:

The warp also includes a ''Non-Specific'' section where you can put all your side projects to be later used in the city, these can later get moved into the neighborhoods section with the manager(s) persmission if the builds fit the style of the specific neighborhood.


Neighborhood managers are the people in charge (owners) of a specific area. As we build roads further east, big open lots will be available for Builders[+] and more to create their own neighborhoods and manage them (Choose the style, design road layout etc.) Those will be given 24 cases (per neighborhood).

Thank you and enjoy building!


Hey everyone,

I just released a quick patch to the current resource pack, it fixes some inventory textures and fixed the texture for white road lines. It does not add anything new, so it's not a must-download, but if you want to fly around without seeing a bunch of purple and black textures you should get it. Download it on our downloads page here.


Hey everyone,

You may notice that the server is down! I am currently in the process of transferring the maps to the new machine, and once they are done I will configure the DNS settings to point the ip to the server. So what does this mean?

- Because of DNS propogation, it may be as little as 30 minutes to anywhere up to 48 hours before you are able to connect to the server again. Usually for me its a very short time before it actually links up, but theoretically it can take longer. Don't fear if you can't connect immediately - just have a little bit of patience!

- Ambersyell is now on the server. Feel free to explore it by using the command "/warp ambersyell", but please do not start building on it until we have some more plans out later on. 

- Because Ambersyell is now on the server, that means we need a new resource pack! I am releasing an early BETA version of the resource pack, which can be downloaded on our downloads page here. Please note that the pack is not complete and I will be fixing bugs and adding a few more blocks before the full version is released. However, you will be able to start building in creative and eventually on Amb with it, and get accustomed to the new layout of the building menu.

- Once again, the server is new and SHOULD perform better, but because Ambersyell is a huge map and everyone will be loading new chunks on it, expect the server to be slowed down and have some lag. This will be only temporary until the new map is broken in a little more.



Server update

[Staff] nammerbom a posted Sep 4, 17

Hey everyone,

I know you have all been waiting for a while for our new map, Ambersyell, to come out. I would like to inform everyone that unfortunately the map will not be created due to time constraints. 

Don't freak out, I am only kidding - the map has been completed. Within the next few days I will be transferring the server files to a new machine with better hardware, which will not only make the server more reliable but also fix some issues like dynmap not working. Ambersyell will not be uploaded to the current server, but do expect it to be on once the server switch is complete. However, this does leave me with a couple of notes that everyone should read:

1) Expect there to be very minimal downtime on the server - I would rather not take the server down for the next few days cause I still want people to build. Because of this, please keep building on both Huntington and Santa Clara to a minimum to prevent lost work. I will be waiting until the very end of the server switch process to transfer the maps, but because of its nature its not 100% positive that all new work will be saved. I will inform people in our #announcements channel on discord before I transfer the maps, so if you haven't joined it yet and are concerned about your builds being lost join it here.

2) Ambersyell is a big map, and everyone is very eager to get building and explore it. Expect the server to be laggy for the first few days as new chunks are loaded on the map. There is a potential for crashes to occur which can cause corruption to your builds if the server does not get a chance to save the map. Please be weary of this when building and feel free to make schematics/take screenshots of anything super important that you don't want to lose.

3) The resource pack will most likely be released in a near-finished but incomplete state. It will still be useable but will be updated to patch up issues within the coming days after its release. 

4) Dynmap will be working again, but I only plan on rendering the Ambersyell map and Creative map in an effort to conserve space used on the server hard drive and promote building on the new map.

If there are any more questions about the map or server, feel free to ask TRS Staff in discord or in the comments below. 


- nam

Hey everyone,

On behalf of the TRS Staff I'd like to remind everyone that our server does not condone griefing of any kind, whether it be on our server or others. If staff find that a player is griefing another server, that player will be banned for a time to be determined, and potentially can lose their rank. We'd like to remind all of our players that while you may thing other servers may not be "as good as us", even though that is subjective from server to server, griefing is petty and accomplishes nothing but creates frustration for server admins and destroys hard work from people in the creative community. After all, we need to encourage realistic building so we can make our own server better!

- nam

Sami3t x I agree on Nam, servers should not have to deal griefing! Smart move!