UPDATE: The server version will be Minecraft 1.13.1 so that WorldEdit will still work. Unfortunately, WorldEdit is not compatible with 1.13.2 yet, so we will have to stay on the earlier version until then.

Happy holidays everyone!

I'm proud to announce our newest map: Duluth, Minnesota! This map aims to change up our previous style of regionally based, fictional cities, and instead takes a slice out of a real city in the United States. The map still follows the classic TRS 1.5:1 scale, and is centered around downtown Duluth. It is intentionally left small - only 5k x 4k blocks in dimensions, as a way to keep the focus of the project clear and allow us to set a realistic goal of getting the map finished. Despite its size, I think you will all enjoy the healthy variety of building types that are on the map, and there is a little bit of something for everything. 

This will mean that going about building will be a little bit different from past maps. Instead of finding any building that would fit into a theme, you will be able to reference the real city on google maps, find something that you would like to build, and build it in its corresponding location in game. For the most part, the city will be bang-on with what actually exists in real life, but for other areas there can be slight exceptions to the rule if something seems particularly interesting and relevant to build (ask nammerbom before doing this!). As we move forward with the map, I think everyone will learn to get used to and enjoy this new system. 

With the new map comes an updated resource pack, Duluth Textures V. 1.0.0! You can download it on our downloads page here. It is mostly the same as our previous resource packs, but there are a few new blocks, and some textures have been shuffled around to make the menu easier to understand, take advantage of new blocks in game, and compensate for some lost models due to The Flattening. Some of you may be concerned about World Edit, but as far as I have seen, there are measures in place to allow you to still type old minecraft IDs for w/e commands, but that's something for a different post. You can expect to see an easy-to-read texture list coming out in the next week or so that will allow you to see which textures correspond to which blocks based on material type as well as color, so you don't have to spend time digging through the resource pack in order to find the block you're looking for. Also, make sure to download and install Optifine from their website, as it is important to have in order for the resource pack to work properly.

Here is a screenshot of the rough extents of the map. You can use google maps and the server dynamic map to find buildings that you would like to build, but make sure that it is within the map's boundaries. You can reach out to me on the server discord if you have any questions about what or where to build. Also make sure to use the #duluth_building channel in our discord to ask questions or post your projects! If you haven't joined our discord yet, you can join by clicking this linkFull size image of extent map.

You are all more than welcome to start working on builds for the map but, please, do not start building on an area until the roads around it have been built. While there are general road markings for places on the map, they are very rough and are not to-scale width wise. If you would like to build something but there are no roads yet, I would suggest copying the surrounding terrain into our Creative map and building there. Be aware that you may have to change the size of the building to accomodate for roads.

Of course, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask any of our staff in our discords #admin_help channel. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about the map, its rules, or the resource pack.


nammerbom and The Realism Society Staff