Dynamic Map Update

By [Staff] nammerbom a - Posted Feb 12, 18

Hey everyone,

In order to re-render the entire dynamic map with the updated resource pack efficiently and with the least amount of trouble, the server will be whitelisted from 9pm-9am EST daily until the map is finished rendering. This may take up to 4 days total. I apologize for the inconvenience that this will give to players not in the United States or Canada, but this is only short lived and will not be a frequent thing. For those of you who do not know, dynmap likes to use a lot of server memory and has trouble dumping it when it gets to high usage. This combined with the shear size of the map we have, the amount of processing power it takes, and the idea of players having to share the server power while dynmap is rendering causes a lot of frustration with server crashing and data loss, so to minimize the headache I have decided to come to this conclusion. If there are any questions, just ask in the #admin_help discord channel.