Hey everyone,

The staff team got together to have a talk and we have determined a few things. First, we have noticed that player builds, particularly in downtown, are using references less as a way to get ideas, and more as a way to just copy a building one-for-one. Second, there has been a huge mish-mash of builds going on in downtown, and it's lacking some supervision. I'll get back to the second one later.

While it is fun to try and build something as close to what it looks like as possible, that isn't necessarily what we are going for here. Architects design buildings with the surroundings in mind; buildings appropriately fill the site that they sit on, and complement what is around it. We understand that, space permitting, some buildings can work if built exactly how they appear in real life, but for the most part they won't fit well in our city. When building something on our map, make sure it fits the site well and utilizes space appropriately. If you build something downtown, make sure buildings can fill the entire city block. 

So with that said, I'll get on to the second part. We are now putting a new rule in place where all builds for downtown must be made in the Creative world first. If your build meets the new, higher standards for downtown Ambersyell, it will be moved by staff into an appropriate location. We will be setting up a warp in Creative soon where you can put your buildings, I will update this post when it's ready. I would also like to remind everyone that Ambersyell is a new city. We aren't building New York City from 1929, so please keep the builds to a relative time scale of around 1950-present day. Also keep in mind that Ambersyell is supposed to be a North American city, so try not to build things from South America, Europe, or Asia as they all have different architectural styles. If there are any questions you can ask a staff member before you begin building something. 

Edit: There is now a section to put your buildings for downtown Ambersyell in /warp models, please put any buildings there. 


Staff Team