The new ''/warp models'' & neighborhood managers

By [Staff] Yazur ao
Yazur @ The Realism Society
- Posted Jan 22, 18

Hey everyone,

so as new neighborhoods are starting to pop up we've created a new warp for builders to build models for the different neighborhoods, a bit like /warp roads where all the vehicles are, that will make it easier copy/paste and edit unedited homes/builds into the city.

Each lot right is 41 x 57 and the non-specific section has 56 x 67. Bigger plots for Neighborhoods will be added later on to accomodate larger homes. Each lot also has a board where builders can add their names.

Please take not that these plots are only for house models so that means no landscaping, trees or vehicles.

Non specific section:

The warp also includes a ''Non-Specific'' section where you can put all your side projects to be later used in the city, these can later get moved into the neighborhoods section with the manager(s) persmission if the builds fit the style of the specific neighborhood.


Neighborhood managers are the people in charge (owners) of a specific area. As we build roads further east, big open lots will be available for Builders[+] and more to create their own neighborhoods and manage them (Choose the style, design road layout etc.) Those will be given 24 cases (per neighborhood).

Thank you and enjoy building!