Hey everyone,

You may notice that the server is down! I am currently in the process of transferring the maps to the new machine, and once they are done I will configure the DNS settings to point the ip to the server. So what does this mean?

- Because of DNS propogation, it may be as little as 30 minutes to anywhere up to 48 hours before you are able to connect to the server again. Usually for me its a very short time before it actually links up, but theoretically it can take longer. Don't fear if you can't connect immediately - just have a little bit of patience!

- Ambersyell is now on the server. Feel free to explore it by using the command "/warp ambersyell", but please do not start building on it until we have some more plans out later on. 

- Because Ambersyell is now on the server, that means we need a new resource pack! I am releasing an early BETA version of the resource pack, which can be downloaded on our downloads page here. Please note that the pack is not complete and I will be fixing bugs and adding a few more blocks before the full version is released. However, you will be able to start building in creative and eventually on Amb with it, and get accustomed to the new layout of the building menu.

- Once again, the server is new and SHOULD perform better, but because Ambersyell is a huge map and everyone will be loading new chunks on it, expect the server to be slowed down and have some lag. This will be only temporary until the new map is broken in a little more.