This is the third time in the past two years that I have tried to get this ban appealed. I will provide the basic reasons and a more detailed explanation.

1) Minecraft In-Game Name. _Travis
2) Reason why you were banned. Not really sure, personal feud? Officially: "The ban hammer has spoken"
3) Staff member who banned you. StupidRainbows
4) Why you should be unbanned. Explained below.

Around two or three years ago I joined Rainbows' server, I cannot remember the precise details, however he became a member of my server (yes I advertising), during that time he did some things I was less than approving of (I will not go into detail of that, because it is not really related), I think after this though I fired him from my server. Shortly after I joined his server and was banned. I was also banned on TRS. However, in a period between the ban and the merge, I was unbanned. However, during the merge, I was banned again.

This is a silly feud that happened years ago, and I do not see why I should still be banned, the previous times I've tried to get this ban appealed, Stu has said he does not know about the ban, and other staff members have said that there was no reason so they could not unban me. I am not requesting to be unbanned to annoy anybody, I simply want to make amends, and be on the TRS server. Simple.

Your help is appreciated, Travis